Ceremonial Matcha Sampler

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A great collection of fresh matcha, which are ideal for detox. Each sample makes about 4-5 cups of tea. This set includes 10gms each of:

Japanese Ceremonial Matcha - The ultimate superfood to keep you energised all day

Lemongrass Matcha - A unique blend with soothing flavours to satiate your body and mind.

How do I prepare a cup of Matcha?

Sift 1-2 tsp matcha into a cup using a small sifter. Sift your matcha powder into your tea bowl, swirling the powder around the strainer with your ladle. This will ensure there are no clumps so your tea will be smooth. Add 2oz hot water. For best results use water just under a boil. Whisk in a gentle circular motion for thin, smooth tea, and in a brisk "M" or "W"-shaped motion for foamy tea. Whisk for about 10–15 seconds until the tea is bright green. Enjoy your matcha tea straight from the bowl.


2-3 Matcha Spoonfuls

475 ml(16 oz) 75°C/170°F water for hot matcha or 295 ml (10 oz) for iced

Whisk until wrothy

Sip hot or top with ice for iced matcha


Ask a Question
  • do you provide a sifter alongwith the tea?

    Hi. No, we do not provide a sifter along with the matcha.

  • Is this pack a powder base or flakes?

    Hi. Matcha always comes in powder form only.