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      Black Tea

      Kickstart your day with a bold cup of Black Tea
      Strong in aroma, strong in flavor

      English Breakfast High Grown Tea

      A refreshing breakfast tea with a honey like finish. The bright orange brew is reminiscent of the setting sun.
      Rs. 248.00Rs. 295.00

      Himalayan Premium Black Tea

      A Himalayan tea with distinct floral aroma, this one is a perfect companion for your relaxed evenings.
      Rs. 309.00Rs. 375.00

      Darjeeling First Flush Moonlight Tea

      A signature moonlight harvest tea from the mystical hills of Darjeeling.
      Rs. 534.00Rs. 645.00

      Berry Hibiscus Black Tea

      Fruity, luscious & tart - nothing short of a decadent dessert in a teacup.
      Rs. 309.00Rs. 375.00

      English Breakfast Tea

      A classic Assam black tea to compliment your breakfast. A brisk, medium bodied cup with a delightful honey after taste.
      Rs. 219.00Rs. 295.00

      Assam Golden Tips Tea

      A signature second flush Assam Black Tea with an unmistakable toasty nose and a delightful sweet finish.
      Rs. 376.00Rs. 450.00

      Whiskey Tea - Classic Select Cask

      Rs. 950.00

      Whiskey Tea - Peated Select Cask

      Rs. 950.00