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          Oolong Tea

          In between a Black Tea & a Green Tea
          Enjoy the rich flavours in a cup of Oolong Tea

          Golden Twirl Oolong Tea

          A winter flush Nilgiri oolong with soft delicate flavors of cinnamon and honey that roll through your palate.
          Rs. 600.00

          Heritage Silver Oolong Tea

          A specialty tea with inherent rich and spicy aroma; the curly, wiry leaves are a tea drinkers delight.
          Rs. 660.00

          Crema Pearl Oolong Tea

          An incredibly smooth oolong with fresh, clean stone-fruit aromas and natural milky notes.
          Rs. 1,000.00

          Jade High Mountain Oolong Tea

          A high quality grade Alishan Oolong with a floral fragrance.
          Rs. 1,000.00

          Glendale Nilgiri Oolong Tea

          Light tea with flavors of cinnamon and honey
          Rs. 1,600.00