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            Chai Tea

            A favorite from the Indian household
            Unwind with a spicy cup of chai anytime of the day

            Chilli Chai

            This cup of masala chai comes with its own kicker, in the form of chilli. A perfect “pick me up” after a long day.
            Rs. 350.00

            Masala Chai

            This tea is the evergreen combination of chai and aromatic spices, a must have in every kitchen cabinet.
            Rs. 350.00

            Fennel Turmeric Tea

            A beautiful blend of fennel and turmeric, this tea is helpful for digestion and is a great source of antioxidants.
            Rs. 350.00

            Spiced Rose Tea

            This blend of chai and black tea comes filled with warmth from Indian spices and sweet richness of rose.
            Rs. 350.00

            Assam Second Flush Chai

            A classic Assam tea, perfect for you cup of kadak chai.
            Rs. 200.00

            Chai Tea Bundle

            The perfect teas for your morning cuppa
            Rs. 850.00