Turmeric Ginger Chai Tea

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Undo your evenings with a flavourful strong chai blended with immunnity boosting ingredients.

Health Benefits:

• Boosts Energy

• Rich in Antioxidants

• Rejuvenating

Brewing instructions: 

1 TSP/CUP | 3-5 MINS | 195-210°C

Ingredients: Turmeric, Ginger, CTC Tea

Tasting Notes:

Deep Orange, Medium Bodied, Slight spice with some pungency.

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  • Can drinking tea prevent coronavirus infections?

    In view of the available evidence of antiviral activity of black tea and its theaflavins against the SARS-CoV and the recent demonstration of the binding efficiency of theaflavins onto the RNA dependent RNA polymerase of the COVID-19 virus, the black tea could very well fit in as a component of healthy diet for boosting immunity, which is considered essential in this critical time of Global pandemic created by COVID-19. (Relevant to all chai tea blends)  

  • Can I drink ginger turmeric tea everyday?

    When used in moderation, ginger and turmeric are both considered safe and healthy additions to a well-rounded diet. Still, some potential side effects need to be considered

  • What is turmeric ginger tea good for?

    While turmeric is a great antiseptic and boosts immunity, ginger aids in digestion- ginger possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties that help settle the stomach, reduce nausea, and promote healthy digestion. Turmeric ginger tea can also help treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome, acid reflux disease, and stomach ulcers.