The Tea Shelf offers a wide range of fresh, loose leaf teas and hand-crafted unique blends, from the best tea estates in India.

Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa Green Tea

This one is our spin on the classic kashmiri kahwa. A rich malty cup with a sweet jam aftertaste.
Rs. 465.00Rs. 560.00

Berry Hibiscus Black Tea

Fruity, luscious & tart - nothing short of a decadent dessert in a teacup.
Rs. 420.00Rs. 560.00

Whiskey Tea - Peated Select Cask

Rs. 950.00

Jasmine Green Tea

A soulful cup of green tea well complimented by the highly fragrant, yet subtly sweet notes of jasmine blossoms.
Rs. 420.00Rs. 560.00

Tulsi Moringa Tea

A popular one from the wellness collection, this tea packs the goodness of tulsi and moringa leaves.
Rs. 68.00Rs. 90.00

Chamomile Green Tea

Often called a bedtime tea, this blend of green tea and chamomile flowers is great to keep in your night stand.
Rs. 321.00Rs. 370.00

About The Tea Shelf

The Tea Shelf is an online tea store committed to delivering only fresh loose leaf tea from India. Our exquisite range of whole leaf teas and flavoured blends are curated by handpicking the best Indian teas. We source fresh, premium teas across the finest estates of India, and deliver them to your doorstep; straight from the estates to your cup. The tea we blend is the tea we like to drink. And we hope you like it too.

Why The Tea Shelf

The love for tea is universal, but at the Tea Shelf, we believe in taking a step back, sipping a cup of great tea, and enjoying every sip with the moment. We believe that tea drinking is not just a ritual or a culture, but a moment that brings a sense of calm to our everyday chaotic lives. Through our tea store, we simply aim to enhance your everyday with a cup of good tea. We bring you the best tea experience with the purity of our teas and the ingredients that go in making our exquisite blends. We source our teas directly from the finest estates in Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiris to ensure you get to experience the taste of premium, fresh loose leaf tea from India. Our exotic hand blended teas are a creative mix of natural infusions with quality teas. Only the freshest of ingredients, flowers, herbs, spices and whole leaf teas go in making our blends. We do not use any artificial flavors or oils. We use whole leaf teas in our flavoured blends because whole leaf teas retain maximum flavor and health benefits as compared to broken leaves and dust. We make fresh blends every week in small quantities to ensure our teas are intact with flavours and aroma. Our team of tea experts and tea tasters come with vast experiences and their participation is instrumental in bringing you the best!

Shopping with The Tea Shelf

The Tea Shelf’s online store is the easiest way to buy the best Indian teas from anywhere in the world. Be it the world famous Darjeeling First Flush Tea, malty Assam Black teas, Green Teas or speciality teas like oolong teas and white teas, our tea store ensures that all these tea varieties are just a click away. Each of our teas come with descriptive information about the region, season, year of plucking, taste profile and brewing guidelines for you to brew the perfect cup. Apart from a variety of fresh loose leaf tea from India, we also offer a range of tea gift sets perfect for personal & corporate gifting.