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      Sampler Sets

      Fruit Tea Sampler

      A collection of teas infused with fruits to add a zing of freshness.
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 395.00

      Stress Relieving Tea Samplers

      Relax and unwind with these teas that calm your body and mind
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 350.00

      Bedtime Brew Tea Samplers

      A floral burst of teas with natural infusions.
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 295.00

      Immunity Boosting Teas Sampler

      Boost your immunity with our antioxidant-rich tea blends
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 325.00

      Floral Bouquet Sampler

      Fragrant tea blends infused with naturally healing flower petals
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 350.00

      Herbal Delight - Tea Sampler

      A soothing collection of natural herbal infusion teas.
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 295.00

      Make Your Own Tea Samplers - Pack of 10

      Create the perfect combination of our wide range of teas.
      Rs. 450.00Rs. 1,000.00

      Make Your Own Tea Samplers - Pack of 4

      Create the perfect combination of our wide range of teas.
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 450.00

      Detox with Tea Samplers

      Do the detox in a delicious way with our healthy yet flavourful tea blends
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 295.00

      Spicy Aroma Sampler

      A collection of flavor packed teas with aromatic Indian spices
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 325.00

      Great Breakfast Teas Sampler

      Kicks start your day with a cup of our energizing breakfast tea collection.
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 295.00

      Digestive Tea Samplers

      Refreshing teas to help you digest and relax
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 325.00

      Beat the Heat - Summer Tea Samplers

      Rejuvenate your senses with this great collection of Iced-teas.
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 295.00

      Wellness Teas Sampler

      The go-to teas when you are feeling under the weather
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 295.00

      Assam Valley Tea Samplers

      A collection of four Assam teas, perfect for the morning breakfast buzz.
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 325.00

      Matcha Sampler

      A complete Matcha collection to tingle your taste buds
      Rs. 650.00

      Winter Favourite Teas Sampler

      Keep the cold at bay with these teas infused with the warmth of spices
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 325.00

      Black Beauty Tea Sampler

      A collection of rich and satisfying straight black teas.
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 350.00

      Collector’s Sampler

      A prized collection of the best of teas.
      Rs. 600.00

      Flavoured Matcha Sampler

      Two flavourful matcha, easy on the palate and perfect for a matcha newbie
      Rs. 550.00