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      Chamomile Green Tea

      Often called a bedtime tea, this blend of green tea and chamomile flowers is great to keep in your night stand.
      Rs. 321.00Rs. 370.00

      Spearmint Green Tea

      A soothing cup to pep up your mood.
      Rs. 330.00Rs. 395.00

      Jasmine Green Tea

      A soulful cup of green tea well complimented by the highly fragrant, yet subtly sweet notes of jasmine blossoms.
      Rs. 420.00Rs. 560.00

      Superfood Moringa Green Tea

      A power packed cup to uplift your well being.
      Rs. 296.00Rs. 395.00

      Darjeeling First Flush Moonlight Tea

      A signature moonlight harvest tea from the mystical hills of Darjeeling.
      Rs. 452.00Rs. 645.00

      Silver Needles White Tea

      A prized tea, one should savor the fresh floral aroma and silky texture. Indulgence at its best!
      Rs. 864.00Rs. 1,440.00

      Pineapple Cinnamon Green Tea

      Spicy cinnamon meets sweet pineapple for a tropical take on the classic green tea.
      Rs. 420.00Rs. 560.00

      Himalayan Premium Black Tea

      A Himalayan tea with distinct floral aroma, this one is a perfect companion for your relaxed evenings.
      Rs. 263.00Rs. 375.00

      Tulsi Green Tea

      A holistic potion to restore your body and mind.
      Rs. 75.00Rs. 90.00

      Moonlight Rose White Tea

      Rs. 598.00

      Virgin Green Tea

      A fresh tea to perk up your senses with the aroma of freshly cut hay and delicate flavors of lime.
      Rs. 270.00Rs. 450.00