At The Tea Shelf, we’re offering a tea drinking experience, beyond the ordinary. Handpicking and brewing fresh, quality tea is at the heart of everything we do. We’re curating a selection of leaves from the tea heartlands to serve you the best of Indian teas – Straight from the Estates to your Cup! High quality tea meets its match in exotic, natural ingredients; to produce blends with the most sensational flavours and aromas.

 The Tea Shelf


With travel, does come inspiration. A trip to a family run vineyard in South Africa which was marketing stellar wines got me thinking, why can’t I do the same with tea?! That is how the idea to form a tea brand started brewing, which refined with time. A little over a year later, we launched The Tea Shelf, to further explore our love for tea.

– Atulit Chokhani, Founder


What do an engineer, a Retail Consultant & Merchandizer, and an HR Head have in common? Well, In our case it is our family name and our history that is steeped in tea. After venturing into various fields and before finding his way back home, Atulit’s first thought was – “what can you possibly add to a 150 year old business!” Then a trip to the South African vineyards got him thinking – “why not?” We do pride ourselves as being the 6 th generation tea planter. Hence, what could be a better opportunity than taking the legacy forward in way or the other! While the husband-wife duo of Engineer Atulit & Merchandizer Srinidhi laid the foundations of the brand, they were soon joined in by HR Smriti. Together, they are conquering their quest of providing tea lovers worldwide with the most premium teas.
P.S- A family that drinks together (tea of course) can definitely work together!


The Tea Shelf is brought to you by Cha Bazaar- a subsidiary of the JM Group of Companies. Our group has been a part of the tea industry for over 150 years now and are only growing stronger. We have valuable experience in all areas concerning tea, with five tea estates in Upper Assam (Mahadeobari Tea Estate, Ananda-Bag Tea Estate, Dhola Tea Estate, Chokhani Tea Estate & Charali Tea Estate),  a tea engineering unit (Bharat Engineering Works) to manufacture tea machinery, a state of the art blending and packaging unit in Kolkata, and Bulk  tea wholesale and retail division, for the domestic and export market.


A Planter and Tea Expert, he has 40 years of experience in the tea industry. He’s the Past Chairman of the ATPA (Assam Tea Planters Association) and a Council Member of the TRA (Tea Research Association)


Atulit Chokhani was born into a family of tea lovers. The Tea Shelf is his dream project which he started after completing his MBA and gathering valuable work experience under his father, O.P. Chokhani – a pioneer in tea.


Our founder loves tea as much as Atulit does. With past experience as a retail Consultant and a merchandiser for a garment export house, today she handles the operations for The Tea Shelf.


A budding tea enthusiast, she is the new brain in our block. With valuable experience in HR management, Smriti heads the business development and marketing avenues for TTS.