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              Sleep & Relaxation


              Lull yourself to sleep with infusions featuring

              ingredients like: chamomile, jasmine, and lavender rosemary tea.

              Pure Chamomile Herbal Tea

              Get a good night's sleep with this pure, soothing, herbal tea.
              Rs. 550.00Rs. 660.00

              Lavender Rosemary Tea

              A blend which de-stresses like no other! The lavender is beautifully complimented with rosemary and mint.
              Rs. 310.00Rs. 370.00

              Jasmine Green Tea

              A soulful cup of green tea well complimented by the highly fragrant, yet subtly sweet notes of jasmine blossoms.
              Rs. 420.00Rs. 560.00

              Tulsi Ginger Green Tea

              Our favourite healing blend, abundant in health benefits.
              Rs. 296.00Rs. 395.00

              Silver Needles White Tea

              A prized tea, one should savor the fresh floral aroma and silky texture. Indulgence at its best!
              Rs. 864.00Rs. 1,440.00

              Lavender Earl Grey Tea

              An intoxicating floral twist to the Classic Earl Grey.
              Rs. 70.00Rs. 90.00

              Moonlight Rose White Tea

              Rs. 598.00

              Virgin Green Tea

              A fresh tea to perk up your senses with the aroma of freshly cut hay and delicate flavors of lime.
              Rs. 270.00Rs. 450.00

              Dancing Moonlight White Tea

              A refreshing tea with light notes of freshly cut green apple and a lingering taste of “fresh green stew”.
              Rs. 900.00