Lavender Rosemary Tea

Rs. 310.00
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A blend which de-stresses like no other! The lavender is beautifully complemented with rosemary and mint.

Health Benefits:

• Anti-Inflammatory

• Helps to Relax

• Rich in Antioxidants

Brewing instructions: 

1 TSP/CUP | 3 MINS | 90-100°C

Ingredients: Lavender Flakes, Rosemary, Mint Leaves, Black Tea

Tasting Notes:

Bright Orange Floral, Minty Aroma, Lavender with herbal Finish.

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  • Hi. Wat is the shelf life of this tea? I mean after opening it is there any limited time it can be used? And wat will be expiry date?

    Hi. The shelf life is 18months from the date of packing, when stored in ideal conditions.
    For details on how to store tea, please read thru the below link:

  • Does Lavender Rosemary tea contain any form of tea leaves in it??

    Yes, this has Black Tea Leaves

  • Can I use it to infuse twice for a 2nd cup?

    yes you can. the flavour of the second steep will be much milder though.