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Chamomile Green Tea - The Tea Shelf
Chamomile Green Tea - The Tea Shelf
Chamomile Green Tea - The Tea Shelf
Chamomile Green Tea - The Tea Shelf
Chamomile Green Tea - The Tea Shelf
Chamomile Green Tea - The Tea Shelf

Chamomile Green Tea

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    A crafted admixture of curled military green leaves with fresh chamomile flowers,  this tea is great to snuggle up with on a cold wintry night. The soft floral notes of the chamomile is well complemented by the fresh green notes of the tea, interlaced with subtle notes of lime. The slightly sweet, honey-like finish, gives this green tea cup a great balance.

    Health Benefits - Chamomile Tea is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and also a natural remedy for insomnia.

    Brewing Guide
    1 Tsp/Cup
    3 Mins
    90-100 °C/ 195-210 °F
    Tasting Notes
    Military Green Leaves with Yellow Pearls of chamomile.
    Green Whole Tea Leaves with Sprinkle of Chamomile.
    Dark Lemon Color, Strong Chamomile Flavor, with frisky Lime of the palate, Citrus Aroma.
    Caffeine: Medium | Strength: Medium | Drink: Anytime | Best Accompanied With: As It Is

    Chamomile | Green Tea

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    • .1 What is the caffeine content in Chamomile Green Tea?

      While chamomile itself doesn’t contain any caffeine, green tea has a relatively low quantity of caffeine per cup (appx 40mg). Hence the caffeine content in Chamomile Green Tea is also low at appx 40mg/cup.

    • .2 How effective is Chamomile tea for menstruation cramps?

      Chamomile is a rich source of glycine that may help in reducing muscle spasms. During menstruation cycles, women experience severe cramps in their lower abdomen and uterus area. Chamomile acts as a natural pain reliever in such cases, by helping the muscles to relax.

    • .3 Is Chamomile tea really effective in wading off insomnia?

      Yes, this is true and proven. Chamomile tea is helpful for those suffering from sleeping troubles or insomnia. Chamomile contains the flavonoid, apigenin that binds itself to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain. Thus, it has mild sedative properties that help to soothe your nerves after a stressful day and bring about full cycles of peaceful, undisturbed sleep.  

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