Superfood Moringa Green Tea

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The blend of Moringa with Green tea makes this a power-packed cup to uplift your well being.

Health Benefits:

• Assists Weight Loss

• Helps to Detox

• Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Brewing instructions: 

1 TSP/CUP | 3 MINS | 90-100°C

Ingredients: Moringa, Green Tea

Tasting Notes:

Providing a distinctly “green” flavor that is bitter and slightly sweet.

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  • Is it safe to drink Moringa tea everyday?

    Moringa oleifera is a tree that grows in several countries. Leaves of the tree contain healthy compounds, including vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols. In any case, moringa powder is nutritious and likely safe for most people when consumed in recommended doses.

  • What are the benefits of drinking Moringa tea?

    Moringa  Is Very Nutritious & Rich in Antioxidants. Moringa May Lower Blood Sugar Levels, May Reduce Inflammation & Can Lower Cholesterol.

  • Does Moringa make you pee a lot?

    A diuretic is something that "promotes the production of urine" so it makes sense that you would be urinating much more often while you are using Moringa Oleifera as one of its listed properties is that of a diuretic.