Chasen - Bamboo Matcha Whisk

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Whisk matcha traditionally with our durable bamboo whisk.

Savour your matcha the traditional Japanese way with this matcha essential. Handcrafted from premium natural bamboo it is perfectly designed to whip your matcha to a desirable froth. The use of this authentic whisk will ensure that the matcha powder is dissolved evenly and forms a creamy texture, heightening your overall experience.

  • 100% natural and premium bamboo
  • Non varnish or polish, handcrafted to whisk, blend, and froth perfectly
  • Light-weight and comfortable to hold
  • 96 Tines to aerate the tea better

Care Guide:

Place the whisk under a gentle stream of hot water until clean. Pour hot water in a chawan (matcha bowl) and whisk until clean, then pour the water out.
Use mild detergent to wash. Before storing, ensure to let it dry completely, for if stored while still wet, it might develop a damp smell or mold.



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