5 ways to make Raksha Bandhan healthy

5 ways to make Raksha Bandhan healthy

5 ways to make Raksha Bandhan healthy

Ladies and gentlemen, the Raksha Bandhan season has finally arrived. Pull up your socks, siblings, as it's time to ace the game of giving unique gifts. This time, go with something healthy. On this happy day, treat your siblings to some healthy tea and gifts. Tea is regarded as a gift of good health and is in high demand these days due to its numerous beneficial properties. Strengthen the bonds you bear with your loved ones in a healthy way. Here are five ways you can employ to make this rakhi invigorating:

1. Hello Happiness-Tea Gift Box: The tea shelf has very carefully curated beautiful gift boxes which will instantly bring a big smile to the faces of your siblings. If you have siblings who live in distant places, the Hello Happiness Box is the perfect gift you can send them.

The box is an amalgamation of four different kinds of healthy and tasty teas which come in a 30gms pack each. First there is Rose Tulsi Green Tea, a soothing tea which is a blend of green tea, rose petals, and tulsi leaves. Second, we have Lavender Rosemary Black Tea, a perfect tea for your health-conscious siblings. The tea has a very refreshing aroma, capable of calming one’s mind and nerves. Third, there is Tulsi Moringa Green Tea, rich in antioxidants and a perfect blend to secure one's health. Fourth, we have Lemongrass Mint Green Tea, a perfect combination of zesty lemongrass and relaxing mint flavor. 
The box also comes with a beautifully handcrafted Rakhi and Roli Chawal set.
The box is available in two colors: blue and yellow. Do check this out and give your sibling the perfect combo of health and love.

2. Rakhi Edit Gala: This combo is perfect for beginners. It comes with 30 tea bags of different kinds of tea. The tea selection has been done to everyone’s liking. We have chamomile herbal tea, excellent for mental health. English Breakfast Black Tea; a great way to start your day; Winter Forest Green Tea; a touch of aesthetic; Rose Tulsi Green Tea; extremely soothing and relaxing; Lemongrass Mint Green Tea; great for de-stressing; and Immunity Booster Tea; a shield for your body.

It comes with a unique handcrafted rakhi and a set of roli chawal.

The box is available in two colors: blue and coral.

Do check out this box and enjoy your fun filled day.



3. Rakhi Edit Slider Box: This combo comes in a chic wooden box curated especially for Raksha Bandhan. The box contains four fulfilling teas, catering to everyone’s liking. First we have Rose Tulsi Green Tea, a refreshing therapeutic beverage, Lemongrass Mint Green Tea; an intoxicating flavor which will relieve you of stress, Masala Chai, a classic desi beverage; and English Breakfast Tea, make your breakfast fancy by consuming this tea. 

The box comes with a handcrafted rakhi and roli chawal. 

Take a glimpse of this wonderful gift especially curated for you. 



4. Premium Teas: Give your siblings premium tea from our collection. The Tea Shelf offers a wide range of different kinds of teas to suit everyone’s taste. You can go for Rooibos tea. It is a South African red tea sweetened with raisins, zested with certain citrus flavors, spiced up with picante ingredients, and soothed with hibiscus. It is a unique gift you can give your siblings as it’s healthy as well as refreshing.

Good night tea blend is also a great gift. The tea is quite helpful and beneficial. It is a mix of chamomile, lemongrass, and lavender, all of which promote good sleep. We all live in a fast-paced world filled with stress and pressure. Give your sibling the perfect tea to help him or her sleep well and relax. 

Berry Matcha Green Tea is yet another brilliant gifting option for you. If your siblings are into matcha, what’s better than gifting them the bestselling berry matcha green tea! It is easy to prepare and is quite delectable.

Do check them out : https://www.theteashelf.com/products/rooibos-amore?_pos=1&_sid=4dbca4e93&_ss=r




5. Tea Pairings: Along with such flavoursome tea, give your siblings a scrumptious yet healthy snack to go with it. You can choose 10 pcs of almond cookies or assorted chocolate coated cookies, or an assorted chocolate cookie selection with 2 pcs each of Semi Sweet Cookies, Mint in Dark Chocolate Cookies, Orange in Milk Chocolate Cookies, Double Chocolate Cookies, Crackle Semi Sweet Cookies.
Masala Muri is a famous snack paired with tea in Kolkata. It is a mouth watering snack which tastes absolutely heavenly with tea.


Try out these above-mentioned ways and ensure your sibling’s health. Gifting healthy teas means that you are giving your sibling mindfulness and good health. Ultimately, the aim is to make your loved ones cultivate cheerfulness and love and invest in their health, but in a tasty way. Let this Raksha Bandhan season be filled with happiness, joy, fun, and health. Happy Rakhi to everyone!