by Admin on February 12, 2020

Summers can be tiring for anybody. Instead of drinking other beverages to cool down, it is always better to go for a healthy drink to boost you up during these stressful times. While consuming caffeinated soft drinks may give you a quick burst of freshness, it takes away more from your health than the amount of good it does to you. In a country, where Ayurveda and herbal lifestyle took inception, what could be a better remedy for your daily stress than a cup of green or herbal tea? Tea that has for ages been working as a mood-boosting drink whenever one is feeling down, a sip of tea and you are ready to go. So here is a list of tea that would mood your mood.


When you feel like you have had a tiring day, having this tea would definitely positively affect your mood. The soft mint flavor of this tea will alleviate feelings of tiredness and nausea. You can regain your energy by drinking this energizer tea. And it’s also very healthy. This tea boosts your metabolism as well which is helpful in losing weight.

The green tea is known to be rich in antioxidants, which also improves your overall well being if consumed regularly. Benefits of the mint green tea are not just limited to physical health, as the mint may also promote attention and ability to focus on tasks.


The benefits of Tulsi, or Basil Leaves, are countless. Added with rose petals, this is a feel-good tea, for sure. The herbal benefit of this tea, such as increasing the body’s immunity to fight diseases and bacteria, regulating the body’s glucose levels, reduces inflammation in the body and also controls digestive and oral health.

Tulsi is also known to relieve people from stress. So, if you are looking for a day to cool down, then Rose Tulsi Tea is just the one for you!


Mint for ages has always been considered a source to provide instant freshness. It’s the aroma of this tea which provides you instant energy and will boost up your mood. It is also aids in increasing your memory. Apart from this, this tea helps to reduce your craving for coffee.


The best feature of this tea is not just the health benefits that this tea provides, but the delicate aroma of freshly baked cookies. The sweetness of this tea aroma can relieve you out of your stress, and instantly recharges you to complete your day’s work. Not only is this a great evening tea, making the end your working day, but it is also the perfect tea to start your day with.


If too much of caffeine doesn’t suit you, you should consume this tea. It not only provides you energy but also low on caffeine. The specialty of this tea is that it is less processed so you get all the antioxidants, directly. It is very helpful in maintaining your cholesterol level and may prevent you from cancer and heart diseases.


It may not be known to many, but Lemongrass is known as a rich source of antioxidants. Being high in antioxidant, lemongrass tea provides many health benefits to the body. It is also known that food rich in antioxidants also help prevent the occurrence of many chronic illnesses.

Lemongrass Ginger Tea has a sweet aroma and a herbal taste. Perfect for a refreshing start to your day, consume Lemongrass Ginger Tea and feel the tea taking your stress away.

Most of the people, today, prefer drinking black tea over regular milk tea. It is because of the nutrients and taste. There’s a very popular culture in North East of consuming black tea. Whenever you visit someone’s home they offer black tea first as it provides instant energy and immediate health benefit.

What could be better than a cuppa that rejuvenates the body and improves your health too?