Top 5 Wonder Teas for Wonder Women

Top 5 Wonder Teas for Wonder Women

Top 5 Wonder Teas for Wonder Women

Living a healthy life should be the first priority of every human being. The priority becomes a necessity when the woman's health is considered. Biologically, the woman's body is designed in a different way. A woman's body goes through many transitions during different phases of life. Menstrual cycle, pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding—all these make major changes in "her" body.

The insecurities- Undoubtedly, women are excellent at managing things. Whether it is the professional sphere, personal life, or balancing both, they are born multitaskers. But there is an aspect that gets neglected the most by them, and that is their own physical and mental health. Due to this negligence, numerous diseases haunt them all their lives. PCOS, menstrual pain, lethargic feelings, and malnutrition become the insecurities of their lives.

Solution lies in the cup- Tea has been used since ancient times in India as a medicinal herb. Our ancestors have shown how various herbs can be used to cure and prevent different health problems. It is not a wonder that tea has medicinal properties. In modern times, numerous medicines are manufactured from the extract of herbs. But prevention is always better than cure. Isn’t it better to include some essential herbs in our daily diet rather than taking medicines during suffering? Well, the solution is not rocket science. Adding a cup of herbal tea to your daily routine can make a difference in the long term.

Let’s see what are the superfoods we have on our tea shelves to offer you-

Chamomile Tea Bags- Chamomile tea has a huge fan base among women. There are enough reasons for that. Menstrual cramps are a common cause of pain for many women. Chamomile buds contain antispasmodic properties. This property helps reduce the muscle plasm and relieves period pain.

Apigenin is an antioxidant that is found in chamomile. It works on certain receptors in the brain and promotes sleepiness. Some women suffer from insomnia for different reasons. The insomniacs are prescribed by doctors to consume chamomile herbal tea every day. Consuming a cup of chamomile herbal tea just before sleep will help to unwind your nerves and induce sleep.

Spearmint Green Tea- Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body that directly affects her childbearing ability at certain ages. This hormonal imbalance hinders the production of estrogen and progesterone in a woman’s body.  The women in the age-group of 15-44 years suffer the most from this disease.

Research shows that Spearmint Green tea contains some natural properties that are proven to be excellent for preventing and curing PCOS. Not only that, spearmint has a refreshing feeling, which is very effective for hygiene. Adding this herbal tea daily to your diet can bless you with good health in the long term.

Mom’s Tea- Breastfeeding is a divine feeling that every woman wants to enjoy. It is a blessing of motherhood that no one wants to miss and a right of every child, which he should not be deprived of. However, new mothers today face a number of challenges related to postpartum lactation. There are numerous reasons behind the lack of lactation during the breast-feeding period. There are certain herbs that have been proven very effective at increasing lactation in women’s bodies. Our Mom’s Tea contains various effective Indian herbs like- Chamomile, Shatavri, Fenugreek, Nettle, Moringa, Carom Seeds, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Turmeric, Cumin, Fennel. All these herbs are quite effective at increasing lactation in a woman’s breast. Regular use of this tea can yield significant results.

Green Tea- One of the most common insecurities that women suffer from is obesity. Obesity makes your body unfit. An obsessed body can easily be the birthplace for different hormonal diseases, even the major heart issues. Green tea is full of catechin, which directly and indirectly helps your body lose weight and be fit. The obsessed people often suffer from low metabolism. Catechin is very effective at boosting the metabolism in the body. This is the reason green tea is marketed by different brands as a weight-loss tea. But, dear women, only consuming cups of green tea won't help you to get visible results. Adding a cup of green tea to your diet after some sort of physical exercise or yoga will give you significant results.

Japanese Ceremonial Matcha- Ceremonial matcha stands out when compared to any other sort of matcha. Japanese Ceremonial Matcha is a hero product for women who go through intense amounts of physical exercise. It is high in caffeine compared to coffee and black tea. It contains 19–44 mg of caffeine per gram. Caffeine boosts energy in the body. Women who are in job profiles like policing, defence, sports, and athletics need strengths and stamina. A cup of ceremonial matcha can fuel you up.

Even the Wonder Women needs care- These above-mentioned teas are excellent fuel for our empowered women. All teas have different sorts of benefits. Considering that fact, any of these can be chosen. Undoubtedly, adding a cup of tea to a healthy diet and regular exercise can increase the results. But there is something more that a woman needs. That is an affectionate gesture full of love and gratitude. Brewing a cup of tea for your mother, sister, wife, or daughter won’t cost us anything, but that will be a small step towards her good health and wellness. This Women's Day, let’s brew a cup of tea for your "Women of Life".