by srinidhi chokhani on February 18, 2020

About a month or so ago, I was a lucky winner of tea from The Tea Shelf. A company I never really new anything about. The contest was to tag yourself and a friend to win a sample pack of their tea on Facebook. I was excited when my tea twink and I were the winners.

From what I’m seeing from their website, The Tea Shelf is a relatively new tea company. Focusing on loose leaf Indian teas, they have been around since 2014. They are part of a larger company it looks like but when I googled that name, I didn’t really come back with a whole lot.

Like I said, I hadn’t heard much about them but was excited to dig in and share the tea with the twins while we were watching Maze Runner.

Billimalai Long Ding A favorite amongst green tea drinkers, the Billimalai Long Ding tea celebrates the “Kai Hua Long Ding” of China. The Olive green spindles shaped with care impart a pale greenish yellow cup of tea when brewed. A tea with a pleasing earthy flavor yet uncompromising in its depth and body.

Never having a tea like this before I was quite excited!

I love the packages that these samples came in. There is so much information on them including different aspects of the tea like when is the best time to enjoy this tea and what the flavor profile of the tea is.

The twins were excited to try this one. They seem to becoming tea enthusiasts themselves which I just adore. They also seem to enjoy the straight teas more than the flavored ones. When they ask for tea, they ask for “normal” tea and not the weird ones that I like. Ha!

Speaking of adore, I love how this tea looks. Such a long leaf. Just beautiful with rich green tones.

So overall what do I think? This tea is pretty good. First sip and you can tell this is a green tea. Very vegetal with those grass like qualities, but one that is smooth. No bitterness, just smooth simple straight green tea.

I can’t say that I would need to have this tea again, but it was a nice change of pace from the flavored and floral teas I have been drinking as of late. For one of my first experiences with The Tea Shelf, I’m pleased. I’m excited to try the rest of the teas they sent me for being the big winner.

Happy Saturday Sipping everyone!