by srinidhi chokhani on February 18, 2020

A few months back I got a nice bag of tea sent all the way from India. Unfortunately, the bags were very small and so fast, but even though the tea on, the memory remains. The teas were because unlike other teas I knew. Not only taste, but also in color and appearance.

One of the teas was a real winter pluck Nilgiri, a region in southern India. The plantation where the tea comes from hot Billimalai, and there are several bags of this plantation in the shipment. Which of course is super interesting, because if you can discover beautiful differences and similarities in the different teas from one gebied. Wat I regret is that I can find no information on the “winter flush”. I know this is the last pick, the pick spring when the leaves are young. But what does a winter pick the leaves, and thus the taste, I can not find on the web or in my tea books. If you know more about it, a reaction is very welcome!

When I open the tea, there is a kind of fresh bamboo fragrance upwards, with a very light nut through it. Jum! The leaves look a bit messy.They are a bright shade of green, but I get a lot of different sizes against.

Pretty Green LeavesWhen I put the tea, I magic leaves from my Gawain up, and see how photogenic they are. As soon as I turn my camera on them, they all seem so magical lie that they are all right there. Maybe I should drink this tea a time when I have a picture … It looks beautiful, and became quiet as I enjoy the beautiful leaves that look as soft as the skin of a newborn baby.

The taste reminds me of the same baby, he is very gentle and sweet. I taste a little nut, which rolls over my tongue and slides and then quickly dive into my throat. What a delicious tea, and what a peace I get from this tea. I would love to drink this tea after a busy day at work, so I can let you know everything about me slide and all can come to me. India and TeaShelf, thank you for this experience.