by srinidhi chokhani on February 18, 2020

When the days get shorter and darker begin to be, I find that I always have something more to grab the darker tea beginning. Black tea fit for me at the quaintness of the bank, with the curtains closed and possibly even a few candles.Well, there are (as in all teas) many gradations of black teas.They come in many different sizes, but in very different tastes, and what you might not expect, even in very varied colors. Because black tea does not have to be black. (translated by Google)

Today I drink tea, “black” in his name, but looks a lot like a green tea. The tea is the brand Teashelf, and coming from India, from the Kangra region. This is situated in a valley between the mountains in the Himalayas, through this unique location, the valley is also called “the valley of the Gods” mentioned. Another advantage of its unique location, is that the usual “tea pests and diseases” the valley (and thus the tea) can not reach. Partly for this reason, the tea free from pesticides, chemicals and insecticides! This creates a wonderful color to the leaves.

The leaves are torn and rolled, but have in part retained their green color, will I get the expectation that the tea will not be so dark taste and odor as a “black” black tea. He reminds me very much of the Darjeeling First Flush in terms of colors, I find this color really suit the autumn, because the colors are very variable. A deep dark black tea is more of a winter tea, this tea seems to be the transition between summer and autumn assist perfect.

The tea smells after putting honey and lavender, but where a special honey pepper grain is milled through. Well great, I did not expect such a sweet-looking tea. The eye would in this case a bit, and it gets too. The tiny pieces of leaf after putting almost turned green, with here and there a speck of brown. Very special to see!

When I taste the tea, there slips a soft and slightly sweet taste on my tongue back. The tea is very strong smell, but the taste is not so heavy. Do not get me wrong, it’s a lovely little tea, but if you expect a blast of flavor that can be a shock if that bright at all takes place in your mouth. However, come the floral aromas surfaced, and obviously I taste the lavender back. Special!

It’s a tea that continues to surprise, and makes me curious about the “Valley of the Gods” and the beautiful vegetation there.