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        Beat the Heat Collection

        Tropical Green Tea

        A feel-good green tea blend bursting with colors and flavors.
        Rs. 425.00

        Peach Mint Green Tea

        A refreshing green tea, basking in the sweet and sour flavors of juicy summer peaches and faint minty notes.
        Rs. 425.00

        Pineapple Cinnamon Green Tea

        Spicy cinnamon meets sweet pineapple for a tropical take on the classic green tea.
        Rs. 425.00

        Mint Green Tea

        Inspired by Moroccan flavors, we bring to you the ever refreshing Mint infused Green Tea.
        Rs. 425.00

        Lemongrass Ginger Tea

        The freshness of lemongrass and the spicy warmth of ginger makes this tea a herbal delight.
        Rs. 425.00

        Berry Hibiscus Black Tea

        Fruity, luscious & tart - nothing short of a decadent dessert in a teacup.
        Rs. 425.00

        Hibiscus Cinnamon Tea

        Rs. 465.00

        Mango Mint Green Tea

        A delicate cup of green tea with hints of sweet ripe mango and a satisfying minty finish.
        Rs. 425.00

        Zesty Lemon Tea

        The refreshingly zesty lemon combined with a smooth black tea base, this tea is a perfect refreshment.
        Rs. 450.00

        English Breakfast High Grown Tea

        A refreshing breakfast tea with a honey like finish. The bright orange brew is reminiscent of the setting sun.
        Rs. 550.00