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                  Her Wellness


                  Floral, creamy blends that were made to support every woman

                  by restoring balance in the body, mind, and soul.

                  Chamomile Green Tea

                  Often called a bedtime tea, this blend of green tea and chamomile flowers is great to keep in your night stand.
                  Rs. 200.00

                  Rose Tulsi Tea

                  Infused with the ever mighty tulsi leaves, and the sweet and fragrant rose petals, this tea is a herbal delight.
                  Rs. 300.00

                  Chamomile Mint Black Tea

                  The splendid soothing properties of chamomile and mint make this tea a great one to unwind with.
                  Rs. 285.00

                  Moonlight Rose White Tea

                  Rs. 600.00