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          Tea Bundles

          Tangy Matcha Bundle

          The perfect dessert kit with a good load of nutrients
          Rs. 1,200.00

          Bedtime Brew Tea Bundle

          A chamomile tea combo for a good night’s sleep
          Rs. 649.00Rs. 860.00

          All is Well Tea Bundle

          The teas to turn to when you're feeling under the weather.
          Rs. 850.00Rs. 1,170.00

          Flavoured Matcha Bundle

          Three flavourful matchas to add a zing to your matcha routine
          Rs. 1,800.00

          Iced Teas Bundle

          The most refreshing brews to elevate your summer mood
          Rs. 900.00

          Floral Tea Bundle

          Three fragrant green tea blends infused with miraculous benefits of flowers
          Rs. 900.00

          Herbal Tea Bundle

          The teas to be enjoyed for their sweet and spicy flavours, along with numerous health benefits.⠀
          Rs. 949.00Rs. 1,346.00

          Minty Matcha Bundle

          Restore your energy with this refreshing Matcha combo
          Rs. 1,200.00

          Matcha Overload Bundle

          Satiate your love for matcha with a matcha overload
          Rs. 2,400.00

          Immunity Boosting Teas Bundle

          The teas to rely on for your overall wellness
          Rs. 900.00

          Chai Tea Bundle

          The perfect teas for your morning cuppa
          Rs. 698.00Rs. 768.00

          Zesty Matcha Bundle

          Stay active with this duo of lemongrass matcha and original Japanese matcha
          Rs. 1,200.00

          Detox Teas Bundle

          Healthy tea blends to support your detox regime
          Rs. 550.00

          White Tea Bundle

          Two exquisite teas to indulge in this season.
          Rs. 2,200.00Rs. 3,150.00

          Summer Tea Bundle

          The teas to turn to for the best Iced Teas.
          Rs. 798.00Rs. 895.00

          Spice it Up - Tea Bundle

          A combo of spice infused teas.
          Rs. 850.00Rs. 1,005.00

          Hills & Valley - Tea Bundle

          A bundle of exquisite, floral, mountain teas
          Rs. 1,249.00Rs. 1,366.00

          Easy Digestion Teas Bundle

          The perfection combination of ingredients to help you digest and relax
          Rs. 900.00

          Winter Favourite Teas Bundle

          The go-to winter brews with warming spices
          Rs. 900.00

          Pick Me Up Tea Bundle

          A great combo of teas to relax and unwind with.
          Rs. 575.00Rs. 750.00