Breakfast and Tea Pairings

by srinidhi chokhani on June 22, 2020
Breakfast and Tea Pairings

Did you know that a lot of thought goes into deciding which tea to have with which type of breakfast? Of course, you know if you are one of the crazy tea lovers out there! Most people prefer to start their day with a nice cup of tea simply to kickstart their functions, shake them out of their sleepiness and energize their mind and body for the day. But apart from all this, it is equally important to pair the right tea with the right breakfast to please those taste buds as well!


The art of tea pairing is still very much in the evolution phase but just as a good wine compliments good food and wine brings out the flavours of your dish, so does tea. The only contrast is that wine is preferable during dinners whereas without some good breakfast and nice tea, our day remains incomplete.


Why is it so important to have the right tea with the right kind of breakfast, you ask?


Because it is truly a make or break situation! The right tea can enhance the taste of your food by acting as a flavour enhancer but if you get the pairing wrong, same tea can get overwhelmed by the food or vice versa.


So let’s have a look at some ways in which different types of breakfasts can be paired with different tea blends:

Continental breakfast: As hearty a breakfast it is, a continental breakfast surely goes well with an equally hearty and strongly flavoured tea. Hence, it is a good idea to have Assam Black Tea with a nice, heavy continental breakfast.

Mushroom Pie and Toast: A good toast complimented by a mushroom pie is a perfect opportunity for you to have a nice cup of summer green tea! Since green tea is light in flavour, it goes well with this pairing. It can also be paired with English Breakfast tea for a more wholesome experience!


Fried eggs and sausages/bacon/ham: Fried eggs and sausages/bacon is one of our most favourite dishes, isn’t it? Many people prefer to have this breakfast with a strong English Breakfast Tea to kick start their day. And as flavour of Eng. Breakfast tea is pretty strong, it isn’t overpowered by the hearty eggs and sausages. 


But you of course need not restrict yourself to English Breakfast only. Eggs and ham/sausages/bacon can go well with Assam Golden Tips TeaChili Chai Tea or Hibiscus Cinnamon Green tea as well. As a tea lover, you can always go ahead and explore your favourite combination!


Idli or Dosa: Idli or Dosa is the typical authentic South Indian breakfast we all love to have from time to time. Since it is a native Indian cuisine, it is good to pair this with a nice cup of hot masala chai tea


Samosa: Who hasn’t heard of the famous - Samosa and chai? I’m sure you must have! Whether it is a mid-day tea break or an evening snacks break or even in the form of a hearty breakfast of our favourite Indian snack, this food - tea pairing never fails to fulfill our taste buds.


Fruits: Are you one of those health-conscious folks who prefer to only have fruits in your breakfast? Well then there is a perfect tea for you as well. Because fruits are much gentle in flavour, they may be paired well with white tea which has a subtle flavour which will be tough to enjoy with a stronger breakfast option. Fruits can also be paired with a nice cup of Darjeeling First Flush Tea which helps you charge up for the day!


Fresh Cheese: Just like wine and cheese go together, tea and cheese are a pair to die for! However, flavour of cheese will be best enhanced by a green tea blend like Jasmine green tea pr Virgin green tea. Both these have a mild flavour which goes well with cheese.


Avocado Sandwiches: When it comes to healthy living, avocado is something we shouldn’t miss in our diets. A nice avocado sandwich is best served with a cup of English Breakfast tea or a Darjeeling First Flush tea. Both of them have a strong flavour which accentuated the flavour of avocado.


Pies and Tarts: Pies and tarts are dessert foods and there is nothing better to compliment them than English Breakfast Tea. Remember all those British people who used to have lemon scone or an apple tart with Eng. Breakfast tea in the Renaissance period? 


Waffles and Pancakes: Waffles and pancakes are the favourite breakfast options for anybody who has a sweet tooth. These are also dessert foods which will go well with a floral blend with a dessert undertone like a Berry Biscus Black Tea or a Tropical Green Tea.


These are some of the popular breakfast options which we usually have to start our day and if paired with the right tea, can give our day a wonderful boost! So, why don’t you try any of the above mentioned combinations and let us know your favourite! If you have invented your own perfect pair of breakfast and tea, let us know that too!