by theteashelf.com Admin on February 12, 2020

Flavored Teas have gained much popularity because, it is not only delicious but often has various health benefits. Flavored Tea is usually made by blending the tea leaves with other ingredients like herbs, spices, and flowers. The added ingredients lend their own flavor to the tea leaves naturally. Among st the various ingredients, flowers are commonly liked by people because of its pleasant fragrance and natural sweetness. Lets take a look at the various flowers and their benefits when they are blended with tea leaves.


Tea blended with natural rose petals is a rather delightful cup because, not only is the tea pleasantly fragrant and sweet, but it also has many health benefits.


Rose petals have been widely used for medicinal purposes, perfumes, beauty care, etc, since ancient times. Numerous studies suggest that Rose petals reduce skin inflammation, and work both externally and internally on allergies  Apart from its antiseptic properties, rose also helps in treating digestive disorders and helps reducing pain from menstrual cramps.

Rose petals in tea exude a pleasant smell, which can also help in reducing headaches. Rose Flavored Tea is a good choice to rid yourself from daily stress.


If we are talking about mood uplifting and mental health, how can we not mention this small, violet flower?A cup of lavender flavored tea is a great way to retreat and relax!


Lavender is commonly used as a flavor component in foods & beverages, and as a fragrance component in soaps, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. The oil contained in lavender is known to have relaxing properties. Hence, this herb is popularly used to treat symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, headache, chronic stress and other mental health issues. Lavender is also known to have a very calming effects on the person because of its pleasant smell.


This flower looks like a smaller version of daisies. If you are well-versed with healthy foods, you will have definitely come across the benefits of this flower. Chamomile Tea can be your perfect bedtime cup because of its many benefits.


Chamomile has been used for its medicinal properties since Roman Times. Research done on Chamomile suggests that it may have benefits more than double its size. The most widely known use of chamomile is its property to help people relax and sleep.

Some studies also suggest that, chamomile tea can help reduce your blood sugar levels and can also target cancer-causing cells and stop them from growing. Even though more research is needed in this sphere, Chamomile has shown confirmed positive effects in sleeping, relaxation, cold symptoms, and treating skin conditions and allergies.


This white, beautiful flower has been used in food and tea since before the 1800s, when the Chinese first exported Jasmine tea to the western society.

Jasmine petals in tea can relieve people from stress, and headaches.  This flower can not only treat your skin problems but also helps to make you healthier from the inside. Jasmine tea slows down the arrival of diabetes, heart diseases and immunity-related issues in the body. Apart from this, Jasmine tea also provides energy and aids in weight loss.


This flower, growing in tropical regions, comes in number of varieties. But the edible variety is roselle.

People from various cultures include its petals in tea to better physical health. While a number of cultures use hibiscus for treating hair problems, consuming Hibiscus tea is directly linked to better heart health, reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body.