by theteashelf.com Admin on February 12, 2020

Tea drinking is evidently a way of life in many parts of the world. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many places across the globe organised tea festivals to celebrate the importance of this beverage in their lives. Tea festivals offer an interactive experience for tea enthusiasts, industry insiders, or even just tea lovers to gather together and discover the various variety of teas available. Lets take a look at some of the famous tea festivals around the world.


National Tea Day is celebrated on 21st April every year. It is the official day in the UK to celebrate their love of tea. Tea parties are held across the United Kingdom on this day.  The festival is held to display upcoming new trends in tea and to appreciate the old traditional teas that have been existing since the 1600s! The aim of National Tea Day is also to bring together future tea drinkers and to encourage them to try and appreciate different varieties of tea from around the world.

National Tea Day is another great way to celebrate sustainably produced teas and to promote better prices for tea sellers. Some events are also organised on this day to raise funds for charity in collaboration with tea companies.



The Assam Tea Festival, also known as the Jorhat Tea Festival, is celebrated between the months of November and January. Assam Tea is one of the most famous varieties of Indian tea sold around the world, 

Assam Tea Festival is a culmination of music, tea and a lot of fun. People from around the world join in the celebrations of the tea farmers. The Winter Tea festival is celebrated mainly in the Jorhat district which is known to be a plantation ground for a variety of teas. Apart from being a great way to enjoy the flavors of Assam tea, the festival is also a way to know about various processes that go behind creating a flavorful cuppa.

The Festival of Tea in Jorhat incorporates visit to the tea gardens, playing golf, wildlife safaris , tasting the local delicacies, shopping and social amusement.



Boseong green tea festival is celebrated during the first harvest season of the year, in the spring. The month of May marks the arrival of this beautiful festival. It brings together people from around the country to appreciate the varieties of green tea that is grown in this small region of Boseong.

The exciting bit about the festival is that, visitors are encouraged to take part in all the process of tea making, from picking tea leaves, the manufacturing process, to packaging them into attractive boxes. One can also try other food items made with green tea as the base ingredient at this festival. These food items include green tea cakes, green tea ice cream as well as flavored chocolates!

Amidst all the galore, you will witness exhibitions, stores and even beauty salons that show the benefits of using green tea for beautification and treatments.