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      All is Well Tea Bundle

      The teas to turn to when you're feeling under the weather.
      Rs. 850.00Rs. 1,170.00

      Assam Classic Summer Green Tea

      Well twisted emerald green leaves that brew a lime green liquor with earthy, vegetable flavors
      Rs. 235.00

      Assam Golden Tips Tea

      A signature second flush Assam Black Tea with an unmistakable toasty nose and a delightful sweet finish.
      Rs. 315.00

      Assam Second Flush Chai Tea

      A classic Assam tea, perfect for you cup of kadak chai.
      Rs. 299.00

      Assam Valley Tea Samplers

      A collection of four Assam teas, perfect for the morning breakfast buzz.
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 325.00

      Beat the Heat - Summer Tea Samplers

      Rejuvenate your senses with this great collection of Iced-teas.
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 295.00

      Beauty Tea Packs

      Rs. 1,498.00Rs. 1,650.00

      Bedtime Brew Tea Bundle

      A chamomile tea combo for a good night’s sleep
      Rs. 649.00Rs. 860.00

      Bedtime Brew Tea Samplers

      A floral burst of teas with natural infusions.
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 295.00

      Berry Hibiscus Black Tea

      Fruity, luscious & tart - nothing short of a decadent dessert in a teacup.
      Rs. 350.00

      Berry Matcha Green Tea

      Your potion of nutrients packed in this delicious matcha with a fruity surprise.
      Rs. 745.00

      Black Beauty Tea Sampler

      A collection of rich and satisfying straight black teas.
      Rs. 198.00Rs. 350.00

      Black Tea Bundle

      The must have Black Tea Bundle.
      Rs. 949.00Rs. 1,298.00

      Ceremonial Matcha Sampler

      Discover your preference with this pack of flavoured and original matcha
      Rs. 450.00

      Chai Tea Bundle

      The perfect teas for your morning cuppa
      Rs. 698.00Rs. 768.00

      Chai Tea Packs

      Rs. 1,398.00Rs. 1,500.00

      Chamomile Green Tea

      Often called a bedtime tea, this blend of green tea and chamomile flowers is great to keep in your night stand.
      Rs. 200.00

      Chamomile Green Tea Bulk Buy

      Often called a bedtime tea, this blend of green tea and chamomile flowers is great to keep in your night stand.
      Rs. 2,225.00Rs. 2,790.00

      Chamomile Mint Black Tea

      The splendid soothing properties of chamomile and mint make this tea a great one to unwind with.
      Rs. 285.00

      Chestnut Tea Gift Box - Pack of 6

      An exquisite collection of the best of teas.
      Rs. 2,940.00Rs. 3,200.00