6 ways to enjoy green tea with milk

6 ways to enjoy green tea with milk

6 ways to enjoy green tea with milk

Green tea and Milk? Are you serious? Yes, we understand that you are perplexed by this combination. But have you given it a shot? Green tea and milk is a very unique yet sumptuous combination, which just fits right. 

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate milk with green tea.


Green Boba Tea:

East and Southeast Asia are both home to the delicious beverage boba tea. Because of the black tapioca pearls at the bottom of the cup, it is also occasionally referred to as "bubble tea." Numerous Asian supermarkets sell the traditional black tapioca bubbles.

To make the beverage's body, combine brewed green tea, milk, and a few ice cubes. A splash of vibrant green color can be added with an optional teaspoon of matcha powder. You may prepare a complete cup of naturally colorful milk tea by combining everything in a cocktail shaker. To really enjoy boba tea, if you're adding tapioca pearls to your beverage, be sure to sip it via a wide-mouthed straw.


Green Tea Milky Popsicles:

Green tea popsicles are incredibly easy to prepare, just like the greatest homemade popsicles generally are. For every cup of milk, the recipe calls for two tablespoons of culinary-grade matcha powder. Use your preferred popsicle mold to freeze the mixture for five hours after adding agave nectar to taste-test the sweetness.


Green tea Smoothies:

A quick and easy way to give your favorite healthy smoothie some flavor and a little caffeine kick is to add green tea to it. Although almost any fruit combination goes well with green tea, most people like the wonderfully refreshing mix of matcha powder, milk, and vanilla.


Green Tea Lassi:

An Indian traditional drink made with yogurt is called lassi. In India, lassi made with turmeric powder is a common local brew, but lassi made with green tea is widely beloved around the globe. On a sweltering summer day, recline and enjoy this cool beverage.

Making lassi is pretty easy. Just combine plain yogurt, milk, and a teaspoon or two of matcha powder in equal proportions. Mix the ingredients well, then add agave nectar to taste-size amounts of sweetness. If you want to give it a citrus kick, you can add a teaspoon of lemon juice.


Green Tea Cupcakes:

Matcha of a high culinary caliber is ideal for baking. In addition to being wholesome and nutritious, it gives baked goods a striking splash of green without the use of chemical colors. Your next batch of sweets will get an appealing grass green color from a natural, healthy source when matcha powder is added to them.

The vibrant green of matcha powder is the ideal treat to use in cupcakes. For every cup of milk or buttermilk in your preferred vanilla cupcake recipe, simply substitute two tablespoons of matcha green tea powder. To your preferred luscious frosting, don't forget to add a little matcha powder.


Green Tea Latte:

Matcha lattes are tasty, healthful, and simple to prepare. Matcha is a powder derived from pulverized green tea leaves, for those who are unaware. Unlike green tea leaves, which must first soak in hot water before use, matcha powder can be added immediately to dishes or drinks. It is advised to use a fine "ceremonial grade" matcha powder if you plan to consume matcha by yourself. On the other hand, a less expensive "culinary grade" powder will work just well for a great latte.

A teaspoon of matcha powder and 1/4 cup of boiling water should first be combined with a bamboo whisk. After that, add milk and adjust the latte's sweetness with agave nectar or other all-natural sweeteners to taste. Just that easy! This tried-and-true latte recipe tastes great when served hot, but you can also combine the ingredients cold in a jar with ice and briskly shake to get a tasty chilled version.


So, isn’t it a lovely combo? Authentic green tea mixed with delicious milk is just a treat for your taste buds. Get adventurous and try this out!