7 reasons why Indians love tea

7 reasons why Indians love tea

7 reasons why Indians love tea

Tea has come to represent joy, laughter, community, etc. It is given a fresh meaning every day. Tea is a popular beverage in India. "Chai" is something you'll never skip with your pals when you visit them or hang out with them. Let's examine the factors that contribute to Indians' preference for this beverage.

Here are 7 reasons as to why Indians love tea:

1. It is very calming
Our go-to beverage during stressful times is chai. It not only helps us think clearly but also relieves discomfort! How frequently do we hear individuals claim that they are in need of chai because their heads are pounding? The fact that it can operate as an antidepressant and assist lower tension is supported by scientific research. Having a stressful day at work? Let's have some chai!

2. Bonding time
Indians are unquestionably enormous fans of tea if there is one thing. Our morning tradition is to say "chai" before we greet one another. Even the well-known metaphor "chai pe bulaya hai" demonstrates how tea has always held a prominent position in India. Who doesn't enjoy chatting with friends or loved ones over a cup of tea? After all, it's the only thing that listens to all of our rumors and serves as our best friend.

3. It is very filling
All you need for breakfast is some buttered toast and ginger tea. Tea keeps you full for a long time. Antioxidants and biotin are present, which enhance and support the immune system. What else? As a cup of it contains more than 90% water, it keeps you hydrated. We Indians have a bad habit of drenching things in tea! Bread, chapati, paratha, and biscuits are a few examples.

4. Perfect for our guests
Who doesn't invite guests over for tea? It is the one item that is always served and the first step in showing hospitality. Visitors adore it as well, and it can be difficult to refuse our popular chai. “Bhaisaab chai lenge?” This is a phrase we hear on a daily basis.

5. Comes in so many varieties
The versatility of tea is what really appeals to people. There are numerous varieties and flavors available for various types of tea. Therefore, a beautiful cup of tea is always ready for you. The list includes everything from black tea to green tea. Try drinking dark tea or jasmine tea instead of the usual milk tea if you're becoming tired of it.

6. Can be consumed in all seasons
Tea is a constant tradition for us, no matter the season—summer, monsoon, or winter. Because the scalding hot tea activates the body's cooling reflexes and actually helps lower body temperature, it is the ideal beverage for India's hot climate. Similar benefits apply to the other seasons as well. Winters are made more bearable by it, and no rainy season would be complete without it.

7. Productivity is enhanced
There are moments when your brain seems to shut down and you feel fatigued. Tea can help you in this situation since it contains L-theanine, a natural ingredient that improves memory and attention without giving you the same caffeine lows as a cup of coffee.


As you can see, there are many reasons why Indians enjoy their tea. Tea is in our blood because we are Indians. It has integrated perfectly into our life and cannot be replaced!