Teas To Try Out This Christmas

Teas To Try Out This Christmas

Teas To Try Out This Christmas

What is the first thing coming to your mind after hearing the word Christmas?

Cold weather! Chilly wind! Snow falling! Winter attire! Holiday destination! This can be anything. But for tea lovers, a cup of tea will always be at the top of the list. Christmas and winter both remind us of the essence of warmth, good food, comfort, and togetherness. Everyone wants to spend the Christmas holiday with a loved one at a vacation destination, running on the snowy surface and throwing snowballs. But a person allergic to the winter cold won’t consider this as an enjoyment; rather, this can be the reason for suffering from winter-borne diseases. So, if you want to have a fun Christmas, you should immunise your body against diseases.

A warm Christmas is not complete without good food and beverages. But winter comes with a lot of cold and requires warmth. So, today we are going to talk about some healthy teas that can keep you warm and healthy. Ideally, the Christmas teas should be healthy and rich in taste. Let’s check out what are the teas and their health benefits-

Lavender Earl Grey Tea: Earl grey tea is one of the most famous teas in Western countries, especially in Britain. An intoxicating floral twist to the classic Earl Grey and the refreshing citrus flavours of calming lavender buds make this quintessential British tea delightful. The bergamot found in Earl Grey Tea is a natural antiviral, which helps to build immunity. Not only does the tea have its own fan base, but so does the lavender-earl grey cookie. 

Tulsi Ginger Green Tea:  We've all heard that tulsi leaves and ginger are effective against winter-related diseases like colds, coughs, flu, sore throats, tooth pain, headaches, and so on. Now, consuming raw tulsi and ginger is not a tasty way to be healthy, but drinking a cup of tea is. The tea has a yellow-green colour and the fragrance of herbs with a spicy taste to offer. Drinking a cup of this warm tea can help you combat the cold. 

Hibiscus Cinnamon Tea: Cinnamon tea is considered to be a suitable example of a winter tea. Consumption of cinnamon tea is beneficial in different ways. Cinnamon is a natural source of antioxidants, which can naturally keep your body energetic and warm. It is also proven to be an analgesic. Regular consumption of cinnamon tea can keep sore throats and tooth pain away. Hibiscus, on the other hand, is enriched with vitamin C. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can help you avoid catching a cold or cough.

Masala Chai: We all know that spices and herbs are sources of antioxidants and vital nutrients. We can understand that adding different teas to your daily diet and drinking them one by one is not a practical solution. But you don’t need to worry; we have bought a cup full of various spices and herbs. All essential herbs and spices, such as clove, cardamom, black pepper, and ginger, are included in the masala chai. Drinking this can be bliss in the winter. With the smoky cup of tea, you can feel the warmth of Christmas.

Detox Peppermint Green tea: The month of December is ideal for going out to eat and drink. So, if you are a party animal who doesn’t want to miss a single weekend hanging out with friends and cheering with loud music, you must keep your system detoxified.

Peppermint, along with other spices like ginger and clove, can not only detoxify your body but also provide you with adequate amounts of antioxidants. So, sipping a cup of this natural detoxifier on a daily basis can help you save your back while diving deep into the bottles. 

Good Night Tea Blend: Do you feel insomnia while spending nights in new places? Well, a lot of people are. If you are one of them, a night in your favourite Christmas holiday destination can even be miserable for you.


We have solutions to offer. Add a cup of Good Night Tea Blend to your daily diet. The soothing properties of lavender and chamomile will relax and calm your nerves. A cup of this charismatic tea will lead you to a dreamy world.