The Top 5 Teas with Milk

The Top 5 Teas with Milk

The Top 5 Teas with Milk

Do you remember the soul-warming sensation you get from a hot cup of black tea with milk?  Furthermore, are you worn out on it? Here are the best alternatives for those who are willing to try new things.

The addition of milk or sugar to tea is a personal preference, though there is some debate about what is proper or produces a better tasting cup of tea. Many tea connoisseurs argue that tea should never be served with milk or sugar. Some may even argue that if you have to make these additions, the tea is of poor quality and should not be consumed.

What tea pairs well with milk?

This includes almost all black teas, which pair beautifully with a dash of milk and even a pinch of sugar. Then there are the teas with the right flavor profile, the nutty, buttery, caramel-like teas. As a result, almost any rooibos tea will pair well with milk. Finally, chai (heavily spiced teas) require a bit of milk because they are so strong-tasting that they require a bit of milk to balance them.

So there you have it. There are five main types of tea that accept milk, and they are not difficult to find. Of course, you can try them with and without milk to see which one you prefer.

Masala Chai

A steaming cup of authentic Indian Masala Chai, made with aromatic spices and ginger, to wake you up and brighten your day! The use of freshly ground whole spices is what distinguishes an authentic Masala Chai. Fresh ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and other warming spices Crush them lightly and add them to the boiling water for tea.

Every Indian family, like the popular Garam Masala, has their own unique blend of spices that they prefer in their masala chai. But one thing is certain: this chai is not the same as the chai latte you can get at Starbucks or Peets. This is genuine Indian Masala Tea with Milk.

Turmeric Ginger Golden Milk Tea

This tea is easy to make and takes little time to prepare. Add some of the spices, such as cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, honey, and vanilla, while the tea is steeping in hot water. You are free to adjust the honey to your liking. Keep in mind that our taste buds adjust to both sweetness and salt. If you're trying to cut back on either, have your brain tell your tongue that it is, in fact, sweet enough as you gradually reduce your intake cut back on quantity.

After removing the tea bags, add some hot oat milk. I enjoy oat milk because it contains more fat and has a creamy texture. If you prefer, you can substitute soy or almond milk for the dairy milk. Just get the unsweetened variety to avoid adding extra sugars to this beverage.

Iced Tea with milk

Steeping the tea in milk makes it richer and creamier. Chill it and serve it over ice for a delectable drink. Simply heat the milk in a pot over the stove until it's hot, then pour it over a couple of tea bags in a measuring glass. Then you steep it for 10 minutes.

Dark Roasted Oolong teas

Oolong teas that have been darkly roasted pair well with milk. Select those that are stronger, and possibly bitter if over-brewed. Dark roasted Oolongs may be suitable for making milk tea. To make a stronger cup, steep loose leaf tea in a western-style and add a splash of milk. 

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos teas are not the same as black tea. They are not from the same plant, and their flavors are very different. Rooibos teas are naturally sweet and don't require anything else. They're not overly sweet, but neither are they harsh. They taste similar to caramel and have a very pleasant aroma.

Adding milk to rooibos tea is a great idea, and I've tried it with plain rooibos as well. As long as you don't overdo the milk, your tea will have a nice, creamy finish.

So, should you put milk in your tea?

Even though some people believe that adding milk to tea is a sin and would befriend you if you did, how you drink your tea is entirely up to you. We do recommend that you try each tea without milk first and then add a few drops to feel the difference. Some studies have suggested that adding milk to tea may reduce its benefits, but there isn't enough evidence to back that up. However, if you drink tea solely for health reasons, you should avoid adding milk.

What Are the Advantages of Having Tea with Milk?

Teas, particularly green and black teas, contain antioxidant compounds that may benefit heart health and have anti-cancer properties. Meanwhile, milk is high in nutrients that promote growth and bone health.