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            Japanese Green Teas

            Hojicha Light Roast Green Tea

            Indulge yourself into the roasted nutty flavour of these Japanese style Hojicha Light Roast Green Tea!
            Rs. 235.00

            Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea

            The ultimate superfood to keep you energised all day!
            Rs. 250.00

            Matcha Sampler

            A complete Matcha collection to tingle your taste buds
            Rs. 650.00

            Berry Matcha Green Tea

            Your potion of nutrients packed in this delicious matcha with a fruity surprise.
            Rs. 745.00

            Tangy Matcha Bundle

            The perfect dessert kit with a good load of nutrients
            Rs. 1,200.00

            Mint Matcha Green Tea

            Perk up your senses with this refreshing matcha infused with a dash of cool.
            Rs. 745.00

            Lemongrass Matcha Green Tea

            A unique blend with soothing flavours to satiate your body and mind.
            Rs. 745.00

            Flavoured Matcha Sampler

            Two flavourful matcha, easy on the palate and perfect for a matcha newbie
            Rs. 550.00

            Ceremonial Matcha Sampler

            Discover your preference with this pack of flavoured and original matcha
            Rs. 450.00

            Minty Matcha Bundle

            Restore your energy with this refreshing Matcha combo
            Rs. 1,200.00

            Matcha Overload Bundle

            Satiate your love for matcha with a matcha overload
            Rs. 2,400.00

            Flavoured Matcha Bundle

            Three flavourful matchas to add a zing to your matcha routine
            Rs. 1,800.00